I ran into a place that may be beneficial to me in my career search.  Tennessee Career centers have many different resources including one on one job coaches and VA reps along with a web network site.  They also have some employers who come in as well as staffing on site reps.  I talked with some and thought I would work immediately till I had an issue applying with my logon name.  I was somehow already in the network and couldn’t continue till they investigate this from corporate.

Here is small sample of how my life can go.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLLYf8s_p88

I’m wondering if these people I live with can get even dummer than I realized.  I wash my dishes and then I see them back in the sink.  I just found out the reason for the dishes is I’m told that I’m running the water bill up.  He wants me to buy my own dish soap and wash by hand.  Really!  Okay, I’ve done that before and at least I wash my dishes!  He is starting to harass me and text me nonstop.  He tells me that his brother-in-law is non of my business.  Well, tell his brother-in-law to stop bothering me.  Sometimes I think I communicate better by talking than writing.  I don’t have many utensils and I needed to use dishwasher.  He has a brother-in-law that does not pitch in and pay or clean up.  I may have to eat out and spend my little money I have with no income.  Some things I will see progress in and then other things gets worse even by the minute.

I feel so alone.

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At The End of Myself

I sometimes feel like the type of person that goes out of his way to get something and sometimes don’t even end up getting it as well.  What do you do when you feel extremely upset, sad, etc.?  Sorry, I have no one to go to.  Maybe the Father.

I also learned in life that I’m on my own and don’t want anyone’s help, but I do need help.  I have reached out for help but perhaps there is none.  So, therefore I’m left with nothing but myself and the mercy of God.  It seems that some people only will help when inclined to do so when it shows on the outside, such as a physical wound.  But thank God that He can see our inside and heart!  I guess I’m in this battle alone.  An atheist cousin once told me that we are born alone and die alone.

Has anyone ever noticed how some people don’t want to be around you when you are having a bad time in life?  Wake up, Jack!  Life happens.  It’s not always someone’s fault.  And when those moments go away and you are feeling great, then those same people are close to you?  Forget them!  They need to know being there in the good and bad.  I know no one wants to be around negativity, but what if it happens to you!

I sometimes feel life will take me before I decide to.  My faith is keeping from doing this suicide thing.  Of course, the thoughts are always tempting.

On Monday, I decided to make another attempt at this employment staffing office.  Because the first time I didn’t list any job experience because my job history is not very accurate on paper.  And she would have to see something before she would continue working with me.  So, over the weekend I managed to put something down.  I’ve been usually just putting one job down usually a recent one just to have something so I can work.  I can’t list every detail of every job I’ve ever held.  But since I sent her resume which doesn’t match my job history on the application form, she wants more info.  I tried a little bit more but ended up leaving the office giving up.  And again no one to talk to.

Tuesday, I tried another staffing office because they had some openings.  As usual lately my well being has been very low.  Another young applicant at the office initiated conversation with me.  After I told him, I think that I was let go of my career job and such, he said something similar had occurred to him.  He was in sales for Microsoft and wasn’t treated like a human I was told.  He perhaps saw the misery on my face and convened.  I opened up a little.  From that point on, we were talking about careers and dancing, since we had some stuff in common.  I ended up getting an odd job for now.  I think the other applicant is also working at the same company.  At first, it looked as I may had some obstacles, as usual, in the way with applying (i.e. job experience listed on paper, high school diploma?, other docs).  Why a HS diploma and military form was beyond me?  I had no copies with me, but eventually found I scanned those in the past into my PC.  But remember the battle isn’t over.  I am not working as I was in my chosen occupation field.  Update:  I don’t have the job.  I ended up there for two hours and did not even work.  I was waiting and management was awful.

I am really getting exhausted from living here at the house.  It is very unsanitary and disgusting.  The smell sometimes is awful and I thought I heard a rat near the kitchen the other day.  I have been eating out some when the other is in the way. Occasionally, I ask myself why I ended up here.  I should say now I’m eating out much more because of the sanitary conditions.  It’s very sad to have to spend money and not knowing what the next day brings.

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Troubled Life

I’ll start off with something positive because the rest is negative but that’s life.  I can’t control that.  I am happy that I have a better job and it’s within the same company.  I am working now as a laptop tech.  The pay will remain the same.

I have visited the VA medical center last week and it was determined I have hypo-thyroid.  I am scheduled for a ultra sound January 23 and some followups for lab work.

I am not happy at the house.  I can’t just move right now due to having signed a six month lease.  This will carry me through till May of this year.  Okay, here comes the venting, but they are factual.  I find it hard to believe that the landlord and his brother-in-law are so lazy or not responsible for cleaning among some issues.  I found this statement from an article online, “If your roomie has serious cleanliness problems—doesn’t shower, lets mold grow in his or her room, and hasn’t washed an article of clothing in months—you probably won’t be able to change his or her ways enough to make living together tolerable.” (- See more at: http://ohmyapt.apartmentratings.com/messy-roommates.html#sthash.PYMz3gDU.dpuf).  Everytime I pass the common area, I see the guy laying around watching tv.  I don’t understand why the place booms with vibration when they walk.  I mean I’m on the top floor and this is happening below me.  It’s like an elephant in the room, literally.  Please see video below.  I forgot to mention the phone on the kitchen counter.  It previously had 18 messages flashing till a couple of weeks ago.  That means there were old messages since I’ve been here for two months.


I’ve been thinking about just breaking my lease and escaping from it.

I just found out today (Tuesday, Jan. 27) that I was let go of my job.  Can life be so unfairer?  I don’t know how much more I can handle.  There is like no sense in continuing if something never lasts.  I also heard a message from one of the nurses about my lab results.  I hope it’s more bad news, so I can pass away from this wierd world.

I am really starting to be paranoid now with leaders in a company who make assumptions about employees based on false information.

I’m so tired of my life right now.  I try to make a lousy payment for my storage while unemployed and I’m told my card is not valid.  Yesterday, I went to get an oil change and I’m told the tire rotation is not included.  So, I decided to go ahead and get my tires rotated for extra money.  After this, I wasn’t allowed to pay by bank card.  I had to go out of my ways as usual and pay extra fees at an ATM.  But then I thought I could get cash back with a gasoline purchase.  But that didn’t work out either.  Neither did the ATM because that said connection failure.  Bring on newer problems everyday!  Why not?

I’ve been sleeping some during the day because of this.  I dreamed of being hunted down by ISIS.

I didn’t think I would still be unemployed after one week.  People don’t listen either.  I have to keep repeating myself.  I guess they don’t take it seriously.

Here are some things I wish to take care of:

  • Unemployment, career job
  • Housing
  • Dental Health
  • Licensing auto
  • Fitness

Of course some of these were once solved.

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I am writing this out for my own benefit and experience.  I went out New Year’s Eve alone as usual but was determined to have a good time.  I wanted to dance and it has been a while.  I went to this restaurant and/or bar establishment that was hosting a Latino music night.  When I first arrived a few minutes after the start time, there was not many people there.  I was looked at by some as not inviting.  I ended up pondering a bit on what I should do.  I have been to parties before where it did not turn out as expected.  I was not going to be negative at this party.  I had no choice but to wait it out and have a drink.  They did get more people after a while.  Meanwhile this guy sitting next to me was starting to be annoying.  He was talking and being a little loud with his phone.  He used it to show video, etc…  It seemed to be very immature.  I moved to another area.  I started to dance a little later and mingle.  I eventually moved back some to my original spot near the bar where the gentleman was before.  This was odd, for I was now mingling with him to see how I would get along with someone who bothered me earlier.  We seemed like friends for a moment now.  He was much older than I anticipated.  Some of the music was not of Latino nature either.  Later on toward closing and after eating and drinking, I met and flirted with or more less have fun with an employee who needed to have extra fun with me.  We danced, I think, ha.  Her language was not appropriate while using the ‘F’ word some, but not in an offensive way.  In a way, I enjoyed her company.  Of course I had some drinks but was just enjoying myself.  I kidded her about being Italian because I love the language.  She invited me to come back and hear her sing.  I think she told me she sings some type of solo blues or cabaret style.  I ended up getting a ride from my landlord that was working for Uber (like a Taxi service online).  He ended up taking another man home I befriended.  I was not taking a chance on NYE driving especially with a headlight out.

Meanwhile I haven’t worked many hours from my job during the holiday period.  I’m hoping to get by on my finances.  I am planning and hoping to get transferred to another job as a tech and maybe a second job too for now.  Or find another job as a technician, whichever comes first in this new year.

I asked the landlord if I could possibly do some cleaning up around the house for a discount.  I opened a can of worms when he told me he needed the money.  He also said that his ex-wife was suing him.  I don’t want someone else’s drama right now.

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Some Complaints but I Have Jesus!

It has been crazy and useless at work.  I am working though there are distractions and issues that arise.  The issues really never get resolved because of poor management.  I have told several leaders and even the people that are causing the problems to no avail.  One day I tried to tell my employment rep. or more less warn him that if things continue as they are, I may have to resort to force so I can keep my job.  If nothing gets done, how else do you fix it, quit?  He wanted to get something done for I have been bothering him over this.  So there was another meeting and you guess it, later on it continued.  I told one employee that I may not be popular here or less valued and you can call me all the names you want, but there is one that does highly value me and that’s God in which that really matters more than anyone here can ever match to.  She then like a little child tells some leaders and blah blah blah.  Some people really are so blinded they can’t hear and understand.  I have to be in my own little world and shine the light of Jesus the best I can.  Some people though hate the light.  I was supposed to work Friday after Christmas but didn’t due to the fact that we are so caught up on the workload.  I don’t get holiday pay by the way.  So, I have 16 hours for this week.

Some of the issues that have been going on are the young ones are loitering around my stationed area where I can’t work.  They are horseplaying, even at times portraying some aggressive sexual moves toward the girls.  At one time they were wrestling on the ground while I was cutiing some boxes.  I saw one girl with a goat head imprinted on her shirt.  Hmm?  And I thought I signed some papers concerning horselplay and sexual harassment?    At the end of the day, they think I’m a grinch because I come to my job and work and not play like them taking part in their evil desires.  So, therefore I can be called a racist, etc…  All this is usually a few hours till they leave from their shift and I can then work alone.

At the house, the guy that is annoying is the landlord’s brother-in-law.  I could just call him a roommate.  All he does is lay around and watch TV.  Remember, that TV used to be in his room but now out in the open.  I don’t know if he is doing much to improve his situation.  That is what you call a bum.  One that doesn’t even clean up after themselves.  I mean there are things around the house that haven’t been touched since his sister has lived here.  I mean years, like the yard and pool.  When I first arrived, I noticed trash in the mud room (like a garage) and carboard boxes stacked up in the kitchen.  Yes, it is also smelly at times.  But in the end I guess I have a place to stay.

Christmas was okay for being alone.  I am amazed that God would send a Saviour in Christ to us.  Jesus was born in not so good circumstances as well.  I mean a barn in a feeding manger?  Yet he was the King.  I missed my church’s service and went to another one for Christmas Eve.  I ate out at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day and watched a few Christmas celebrations.

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Adjusting (want my peace)

After moving in, I’m starting to get tired of the messiness of the house.  Excuse me, but I like things a little orderly and clean.  I know, that’s what you get when you share a house with others.  Maybe not every house but that’s what I get with my luck these days.  I am also annoyed by the landlord’s brother-in-law.  He just talks and talks in great detail.  He pushes his opinion across.  I’ll stop because it’s too hard to explain someone in words till you meet them for yourselves.  I do prefer my own place again but can’t because of the expenses.

I will not include any pictures of the place because there’s too much and you shall get the idea.  I don’t understand why someone might be too lazy or forgetful when they leave a container empty sitting around and not throw it in the trash can.  Or wash their dishes, cut grass, just clean up after themselves.  Floors never been mopped for I don’t know how long.  I won’t do some of this unless it’s in my way.  I do take out trash when it’s full and sweep occasionally.  There are bugs as well.  Toilet needs maintenance along with other mishaps.  I don’t want to complain too much because I am still blessed to have a place.  The fridge smells funny and there are for instance, three or four mayo jars that are empty.

The brother-in-law appears nice but jumpy how he reacts in communicating.  I’ve been told he is there temporary, but feel he’s going to be there for a long time.  His stuff is spread out in the house and some of his clothes are hanging in my closet.  There is not enough room in the house where he’s at.  His house, I was told, is foreclosed.  I don’t need someone else’s drama in the midst of my own.  I’m paying some rent to stay there.

The dishwasher is now out of detergent.  So, I’m back to washing my dishes by hand.  The big TV in the family room is not receiving any channels.  We had the cable fixed in that specific area, but now the small TV monitor from the other room is there is working but not the big TV.  I still don’t have my internet because a wireless adapter is expensive for me.

At my job, my partner quit and I don’t blame her.  I get upset occasionally because of operations.  No one has an idea how to run things.  They seem lost when I ask for something that I need to do my job.  At least I have an idea after sorting some things out with the leads.  But there are those times when you are out of something and you try to get it and they say no.  imagesI was thinking to myself one night I may go into management, something before I was not interested in.  Someone has to do it.

I really want to get into a technician position rather than just be picking cables and labeling now and then.

I was also upset that I didn’t get 40 hours one week.  I got 38.  I’m trying to pay my bills and have a fixed budget.  I plan on averaging my hours per week out due to the fluctuation in work hours.

I’ve learned that I may not be valued or popular at my job by others, but I am by my Creator.  And that is by far the most important.

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Trying to get Squared Away in my Hectic World

It’s been getting crazy and storming again for me.  My job is okay in some aspects but not otherwise.  And more trouble related to my car.

As for my job, the management is awful.  I am not happy while at work.  When I first arrive each day, everyone is confused in what I should be doing.  I and this other woman are the only ones to arrive at a later time than the rest of the day crews.  It seems the my work is more efficient after they leave.  As for my position, it’s not that technical in nature.  We build servers and each have a small part of it.  See pic.


But one day, as there was not much going on for me, I took initiative and was closer to the server racks working.  So, some of the time it’s assisting and other times or days working directly with the servers and learning.  I still haven’t heard from my other job I interviewed for.  That was a computer repair store that is to open inside a Walmart.  As of writing this part, I now have talked some of these issues out with management.  I like to show up for work you know.  If I can’t work directly within my profession, at least I’m in the company that specializes in such and may eventually change my position some.

As for my car, there have been some expensive repair costs and other surprises.  The reasons behind the ‘Check Engine Light’ are the oxygen sensors.  That will cost me $658.46 after paying an initial charge of $54 to just eventually get my car renewed.  My headlight replacement has been more difficult than one would think.  I have been to many parts stores and none could help.  The car owner before me had added an after-market headlight assembly costing hundreds of dollars.  I was told I can have a option of buying a standard bulb but that changed when it looked impossible based on the condition.  Instead of that option, it would cost me $100.00.  But wait, that is not the end.  Please see below concerning price of light.


After work one day, I was pulled over by a police officer.  It was for missing a headlight.  I told him I don’t have the money for my light and was trying to fix it.  The next night after work, yes, I got pulled over again.  This time I was trying to get gas before I was pulled over.  I explained to the officer again the same thing.  Then my car would not start.  I thought I was out of gas.  So, I waived the officer down and we went to get gas.  We went in circles a bit because of a gas station appeared closed and that’s just how my life goes.  When we returned to my car, it still didn’t help start the car.  It was cold and I thought perhaps a little more gas would work.  So, we went to get more gas and returned.  It still didn’t start.  He tried a small charger and that didn’t work either.  Now, he called for a tow.  I waited in my cold car.  All this took about an hour.  The tow truck arrived.  He also charged my car and had a larger charger.  The car started.  I didn’t have to owe him anything.

The next morning my car didn’t start and I needed a battery.  I got a battery for approximately $135.00 about a block away.  I had also called in at my workplace saying I may be late or not in that day.  So, who knows now if I’m going to lose my job for being late so many times?  My next problem was trying to install the thing when I didn’t have my wrench or toolkit.  That was in storage in Louisville.  What I had was my small PC toolkit.  So I needed a wrench.  I was tired of this and started to nap.  Sometime later the gay neighbor (notice the rhyming) was knocking on the door.  He is always snooping around.  He wanted to change the battery.  I obliged but didn’t want him but did wanted help.  He had the wrench and tools.  It was then 1:30 and I was supposed to be at work.  I had to take care of much anticipated personal business before going in about 4:30.  Heck with my job, there’s no work for me till after 6:30pm anyway.

I had heard of a mechanic from someone at work that I inquired about.  I had visited and talked with him concerning my headlight and sensor work.  He told me $658 was too much.  He quoted me approximately $318.  I noticed on a side note that if you googled oxygen sensors, some are $36.

The headlight wasn’t that successful.  He can’t do much for it either.  He directed me to the dealer.  It’s too complex to write out.  At the dealership, I was told a little of that and a little of that.  After all was said and done, nothing but a price of $308.00 now gets it fix and running.  If I want two headlights, it will cost over $600.  So now I will be driving without it.  “Officer, please don’t pull me over, I don’t have $300 for my missing light”.

As for my place, Cindy does not comprehend or even speak English correctly at all!  I haven’t paid her since I first moved in Oct. 7.  I told her to keep my deposit and I will be moving.  But she don’t understand English.  She really bothers me with her presence.  I should record some audio because it’s very hard to describe someone till you meet them for yourself.  She is running with her head off constantly and repeating herself like a child.  She has had car wrecks and parks horizontally and not in the parking space fully.  She is using my toilet and is just an annoyance.  It amazes me how she lives and runs a business in the U.S. without speaking and understanding full English!

I have been shopping for a room rental.  I prefer my own bath; not shared.  One guy was going through a divorce and has his brother-in-law staying temporarily.  I never visited because he kept saying he wished his wife would come back and I don’t need other people’s drama.  There is also a boyfriend and girlfriend living there as well as a shared bathroom (this has changed, see Update below).  Another has texted me a lot wanting to know if I’m still interested.  He is now desperate and will lower the price for me.  After a call and lots of texting, I told him I would consider it but will have to wait a week when I have some money.  I was then told to forget it and he thought it won’t work out.  He says he needs it rented at least by Dec. 1.  This was Monday, Nov. 24.  I will check back with him and see what happens.

I am in the process of joining LifePoint church in Smyrna.  I have talked with several staff members.  I have also reached out for some help.  www.lifepointchurch.org

Update:  I have just moved as I’m writing this section.  I moved to the guy (anonymous) I mentioned above that was divorced.  He has shared some personal family matters with me that I will leave out now for his privacy and respect.  The other person (texting) had told me he already rented out to someone else.  I now live in Murfreesboro (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murfreesboro,_Tennessee).  I do rent my own room with a shared bathroom.  My landlord is a 55-yr old with his brother-in-law temporarily staying here and a 19-yr old.  The only trouble I’ve had was the place being somewhat messy and dirty.  I’ve cleaned my room and some common areas because I like it to be cleaned some.  I don’t like dirt and dust with bugs around.  There was a little clutter in my room.  There is a TV in the main room or living room but not working now.  There is some clutter.  Most of it I think is from his brother-in-law’s stuff.  I decided not to include a picture or video this time.  Guess what I have a signed lease this time.  x By the way, this is not really me.

My last days at my other place have been stressful.  Cindy is a sick person.  I tried recording some of her conversations to give people an idea of how she is, “Chang Chung, Chang Chung!”  sounds like she is always yelling.  I am in a financial crunch this week with a little help from my church.

A good message today from LifePoint church that sums up the word of God as it pertains to sin and Christ our Savior for the season.  http://lifepointchurch.org/smyrna-watch#!/swx/pp/media_archives/205407/episode/53337

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New Job & Search for New Place

I am in the process of starting a new job. I start work Monday, November 10 and have another interview for another job Wednesday. The company I start at Monday is the same company I interviewed for a technician job that I didn’t get. This time it is different position from a different agency. I’m not sure if it is totally within my field of interest but is somewhat related. I have to wait and see more once I work. That’s why I still am planning on the other job interview. The job is somewhat technical, building and preparing cables for server racks. The other is for a repair technician for a new computer store opening up in Murfreesboro. There was also a job for a cell phone refurbishment company that paid less than my current opportunity. I ended up leaving my last job because of the hours I was working, plus distance.

I am also planning on moving to another place, perhaps closer to my job. Cindy, the owner, does not comprehend well. I am currently past due with no signed lease or any forms. She does have my deposit though. I asked the doctor next door if he had his upper floor for rent. He doesn’t but wanted to know why. He thinks I can talk to her daughter and work things out. I don’t think that will help. Doctor wants me to stay.  I’m now trying to save money and catch up with rental money so I can move and get settled in.

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Luck or Just Life?

Well of course, I didn’t get that job.  I am really sick of life altogether.  I believe you have to have luck to get a job.  Afterall, don’t people wish you luck.  I don’t necessarily believe you work for something to achieve it.  Ultimately, it will be luck that gets you there.  I just have bad luck.  I supposedly don’t have the experience that employers are looking for or that idea most perfect person.  I hate competition unless it is sports.  I just learn and do what I can.  I have my certifications and degree with no job, STILL.  And if you get one it’s a project or outside of the field.  What a waste!  And employers wonder why one has such a record.  They perhaps haven’t been there and can’t comprehend.

This makes me wonder why I didn’t kill myself way back when.  Because this hell continues and I can’t succeed.  Outsiders make it look like I’m at fault.  B.S!  I do all I can and yet still persevere even when it’s hopeless.

At the same time, I plan on moving.  I am working my other job traveling 25 miles each way.  The other day my pay was missed up.  Can you call that bad luck?  Of course, I have to go out of my ways to get paid by other means.  My life is complicated to write out all the details.

images2 images

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Settling In (Hennessy in Tennessee)

I had visited Middle Tennessee about four times before moving down and staying for the fifth time. I haven’t had the opportunity to write because of internet access and trying to settle in. So the dates are in chronological order below.


The second visit and travel was for my potential job. I had applied and interviewed with staff. I had waited in the lobby for over an hour before I was seen.

My third time was for a second interview with the second shift supervisor three days later. In which that lasted a few minutes and was headed back to Louisville that night.

The fourth was just as crazy. I was sort of risking the chance of finding my place to live with little response from the owner. I had thought there could be a better chance of catching him on a Saturday at home. I was all packed up and ready to move in. I had an approximate address or location.   There was a little mishap before I left Louisville. I missed one of my exits and was headed toward Simpsonville via I-64 before turning around. There were a lot of miles before I got on track. It was dark when I arrived by 6 or 7pm. Of course I didn’t find my destination and was headed back to Louisville very disappointed and down.


I was running out of options of finding a place. I ended up finding one townhome where I could rent an upper level. The owner was hard to understand. Her English was very minimal. Hello and yes was mostly what I would receive. Her listing agent had me call her one evening. The first call I was told to call her back the next day. I think I explained I would come check it out and possibly move immediately. I believe I called her that next day on Tuesday and she said she was at the location then and now. I told her it would be a few hours since I was coming from Louisville. She said that would be fine. So, on Tuesday, October 7, I had left Louisville once again. I called her when I was about to enter Nashville. She said she was at work on the job. Little did I understand about her business then. There was no way I was going back. I thought I would just find the location and wait while hanging around the area. So I did.

When I arrived there were two gay guys living beside the same unit. They had recommended that the owner, Cindy was not a very good landlord and advised me not to move there. Of course I didn’t oblige. I was waiting around the area and starting to worry what would happen. If things didn’t work out, perhaps I would stay at a motel that night. I needed a plan. After her job, she arrived. She is Chinese and owns two massage therapy offices. She first showed me a unit that was not advertised but within the same location. She wanted to sell the whole place to me which included the lower and upper floors. The other unit next to the two guys was dirty and didn’t have a modern day kitchen.

The unit in which I chose is the first one shown to me. It is upper level with her business below me. I have a huge room and private bathroom with a shared kitchen. She would occasionally use the kitchen for her business preparing herbs and such for her clients. She also has another office at another location. She was in such a rush because she had another customer appointment waiting at the other location. I had paid her cash for rent and deposit with no receipt at first. The other little surprise was that her daughter was staying there also where I was going to be, upper level room. Cindy told me she was in the process of moving out. Some of her stuff was still around. Just before Cindy left, her daughter was then here in the room getting the rest of her stuff with her boyfriend. Her daughter speaks better English. Her dog had also pooped in my room. As of now, Cindy’s daughter is staying downstairs. So she is using the kitchen as well. I knew that I was slowly going to get settled in. The next day I was locked out from my place. I had no key. I had to wait again. I eventually got a key that was used only for the main entrance door. I didn’t have one for my room. So I have to keep that unlocked when I leave. I noticed they like to have doors and windows open much of the time. That way air and mosquitoes can come in. There is no screen for the windows. One day it was raining much of the day and when I came home, the whole kitchen floor was flooded. I cleaned it up after telling Cindy’s daughter about the window. I would close it and she would open it back up. I take it upon myself to clean and maintain certain things. I sweep the kitchen and provide a towel for letting dishware dry on, etc. I worked on the main entrance door for closing properly because it wasn’t aligned and they would frequently slam it so it closed. I put a sign on my room door stating “Please do not enter room, 502-802-1636”. One day Cindy had come in and opened one of my windows. I don’t like people snooping around my private room. She is my landlord but I also paid for this. Another time which less bothered me, was when she showing the place to potential buyers and opened my door to my room twice while I was there. One customer said, “Oh, I didn’t know someone was living here”. Another, “Okay”, like I don’t need to bother him. I should say I like Cindy though. It’s just the little annoyances one puts up with.

Click here for video link of my Room.


I find stuff like this frequently.


When I first arrived in Nashville, I noticed how many foreigners lived here. I would rarely see white Americans. Read the following article from Wikipedia:

                Because of its relatively low cost of living and large job market, Nashville has become a popular city for immigrants.[36] Nashville’s foreign-born population more than tripled in size between 1990 and 2000, increasing from 12,662 to 39,596. The city’s largest immigrant groups include Mexicans, Kurds,[37] Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Arabs, and Somalis call Nashville home, among other groups. There are also smaller communities of Pashtuns from Afghanistan and Pakistan concentrated primarily in Antioch.[38] Nashville has the largest Kurdish community in the United States, numbering approximately 11,000.[39] About 60,000 Bhutanese refugees are being admitted to the U.S. and some of them will resettle in Nashville.[40] During the Iraqi election of 2005, Nashville was one of the few international locations where Iraqi expatriates could vote.[41] The American Jewish community in Nashville dates back over 150 years, and numbered about 6,500 in 2001.

muslim  I had taken this photo while leaving my place.  I find it interesting if we keep allowing muslims into our country, it could eventually lead into a transformation of the U.S.

I like gyros restaurants and after eating at one I noticed many others down the street. There are many businesses and churches in varying languages.

I may not have to mention this as well but I have witnessed some gay couples around. There is also a gay club in the area. One day at the bowling alley where I was watching some football on TV because I don’t currently have a working television, I was told by one guy I met that he was involved with a gay bowling league there. He invited me to join their group, but told me who they were in a nice way. He told me he would give away a free television to me as well. On a side note, I can be with them as a friend and witness to them about Christ, but how do you spend a short time with them and directly tell them how wrong homosexuality is. I learned through a sermon that you can become friends first to an unbeliever and eventually lead them to Christ.

Now with my job situation. After I had my second interview at Genco, I was having difficulty in getting responses and weeks had gone by till now. I was told that second shift had no other openings and my best bet would be for first shift. So I pursued other immediate jobs through staffing agencies. I worked at Standard Candy Co. that produces the Goo-Goo cluster. I currently am working for a logistics supply company for Dell. But I will have to search for my idea job in IT. That is one reason I came down here.

I had a little difficulty with getting my driver’s license and car tags updated. Tennessee state law requires it usually within thirty days after moving. There is also a VET (Vehicle Emissions Testing) before I can get a tag for my car. I failed that VET because of my ‘Check Engine’ remains on. I was told by my seller of the car to ignore it and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I was previously told by other mechanics that it needed to be checked. For my driver’s license, I need several documents showing proof of address such as a lease in which I don’t have or utility bill. A bank statement with it stamped and notarized.

Forward to now. I have an interview set for a computer company in LaVergne. There seems to be a bit of delay here also, but the agency seems responsive. I have an interview now set for Wednesday, October 29.

I feel now that I will probably move from my rental place to my own place someday sooner than I had realized. It is starting to be annoying with the landlord and her daughter. I’m best off with just me and not sharing with strangers. I was under the impression that I would have my own room (at least) with private bathroom and kitchen that happens to be shared some. I noticed these last two days; Cindy has been using my bathroom and shower. She has a house elsewhere as well as a bathroom downstairs with shower. She is always running around in all directions leaving clothes in my sink and purse or cell phone lying around. I was getting ready to enter the bathroom when I noticed her clothes in the sink and water all over the floor. Why am I paying rent for?? I thought my adventure thus far was about over till this occurred. It’s been a year now since blogging and it seems life will continue to have its turbulences. I just thought maybe not too much. But I am in search of another place around where I’m at when possible.  I could stay to see if she sells the place, but I don’t see any potential buyers for this.

PS:  My interview went so-so.  I’m now just waiting for the results.  My current job is boring.  Most times you just sit around.

I have visited several churches already as well.


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